There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM

In a week filled with sporting success, water themed poems, harvest festivals, Sixth Form and whole School Open events I have been overwhelmed with a true sense of teamwork on so many levels and in all aspects of Westholme life.

T – Together
E – Everyone
A – Achieves
M – More

Our youngest pupils and most senior students are all part of different teams ranging from sport to music to drama and fundamentally, the Westholme Team. This is always most evident on Open Day when students, staff and parents work together to warmly welcome visitors to our different sites. This was my first Open Day event and I was truly impressed by the displays, activities and hospitality evident in all areas. Most importantly however it was the people that impressed me; teachers and pupils alike. Whether this was ballet dancers at Billinge House, guides at the Junior Schools and Senior School, bakers in Home Economics, debaters or budding scientists and engineers in Chemistry and Physics – everywhere buzzed with learning, excitement and positivity. Our pupil guides were a shining light and I am most grateful for their contribution.

At Westholme we aim to develop self reliance, build self esteem and confidence. Within this context we want everyone to have a sense of belonging and believe that we can also learn to trust and rely upon others to achieve our goals. Our sports teams, drama casts and musical ensembles embrace this challenging balance between individual excellence and the overall team outcome/result in every practice and performance they have. Sometimes we all have to step back and let others lead and others are more comfortable in an enabling or supporting role. There is no formal GCSE qualification to be taken here but we believe it is an important life skill which is embedded in our ethos and values.

We cannot all be winners but we can all be part of a winning team.

Lynne M Horner