Westholme Dance Day

Children enjoy the fun of the Dance Day

Westholme School hosted its first Dance Day on Sunday. Over 60 children, both from Beardwood Bank and other local primary schools came through our Theatre doors for an exciting day of all things Dance. Ably led by Miss Roberts and Miss Armstrong, six of our 6th form students (past and present) successfully choreographed a dance routine that was to be performed at the end of the day in front of parents and friends of those who participated.

As each group rotated throughout the morning, the children were able to learn a variety of dance styles from the up tempo street dance moves, to the more serene ballet movements. As lunchtime came and went, a frenzy of anticipation started to build, as everyone became excited about the prospect of appearing on stage to perform their routine, complete with music and lighting.

The audience were not disappointed; you could not help but tap your feet as the Westholme Dance Day ensemble took to the stage for their moment in the spotlight! The children were fantastic; especially to say they had only had a few hours of rehearsals before their big moment arrived.

It was a superb day. Special thanks must go to Miss Roberts, Miss Armstrong, Mr Scott and the team of Sixth Form choreographers.

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