Westholme Nursery Developments

Westholme to welcome babies from the age of 3 months

In another positive development in Westholme’s continuing growth, we are delighted to announce that we will be admitting babies from the age of 3 months into our Nursery from late summer 2015.


Historically, the earliest age for admission into Nursery has been 2 years, but following the relocation of the Nursery building into the footprint of the Infant School last September, we have the opportunity to creatively configure spaces to accommodate fluid demand across the whole Early Years’ setting. Firm foundations are fundamental to creating a life-long love of learning and this new opportunity will give children attending our Nursery access to the same, nurturing, caring environment, right from the very start, which Westholme is so well known for.

We look forward to the exciting times ahead!